Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Pixie and a Tote

Okay, so I admit that I am an absolute terrible blogger. I know this. I don't know if anyone else knows this... I don't even know if anyone comes to see my "stuff." I had a blog on another site ( I'm going to try here now.

Here is a pixie I just completed:

She is a creation available from here:

I also made (today) a teaher gift for my Daughters 1st grade teacher. It took about an hour to make (with a little help/interference from Daughter). I think it turned out cute!

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Patty said...

It only took you an hour? Wow! It would take me 17 days. :) I was at your old blog -- your pincushion and that little house were great. And, all of your crochet work too. I have to go and back and look some more.