Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jigiddy, Jig!

Well, the wandering traveler (me) is back home again! We visited Dollywood and had a mostly relaxed time at the park. There are a couple of good rides there, Mine Ride & Tennessee Tornado. They are both definitely worth riding. On our second day there we went to Dolly’s Splash Country. It was hotter than blue blazes!!! We found out later that it got to 101 degrees that day! On our third (and last – boo hoo!) day we had a leisurely day driving and sightseeing on the way to Cherokee, NC. On the way back from Cherokee, we saw a moose out in the field, so, being the tourists we were, I waded my way through the wildflowers to get a picture. Come to find out, I was also wading through poison ivy!! I cleaned my legs with hand sanitizer and we stopped along the route to rinse off in the river. All in all, a really nice time! Here are a few really bad pictures from my phone:

On Friday we took the family to Michigan Adventure. The amusement park was fun, but the waterpark was COLD!! It was the nicest day we have had in a long time as a family. The kids all got along. It was nice to build some happy vacation memories with the older kids! Here are a few really awful pictures (again from my phone). Mind you, these were taken after we spent a lot of time in the waterpark, so we aren't exactly at our best! lol

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