Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Moth and Some Links...

Last Christmas I got a grow light system. I grew the things that came with it, then after they were harvested, I used it for some cute little pots filled with bulbs. This one had a visitor today:
Isn't he cute! He's going to be going back outside to live, but I had to snap some pictures because I thought he was so pretty.
I told a friend that I would give her the links to the things I made for my purse so I thought I would share with everyone just in case you want to make some of them yourself. Some are for pay, some are for free.

My purse is a pattern that I purchased from In Stitches. I love this purse, it's the second one I have made and it goes together pretty easily. Good instructions!

For my makeup bag I used a pattern by Elizabeth at oh, fransson! It is from a trio of patterns that I won in a lovely giveaway she had. If you are interested in it you can find her patterns for sale here. There are lots of tutorials out there for free as well. Here is a link to Sew, Mama, Sew for a couple others, although I highly recommend Elizabeths patterns, very well written and you turn out with a wonderful product!

My receipt wallet is super simple and I got the pattern from Eye Candy Designs. She posted the pattern for free on craftster. I sewed together leftover pieces to make it a scrappy one. Super easy!

The card wallet is from a tutorial by A Soonful of Sugar. I made it out of solid pieces of material but, it is super cute done scrappy too!

My change purse (and really my favorite accessory) came from Lisa over at U-handblog. I had a different top. Mine has holes in it for sewing it to your purse so I just stitched in and out through the holes and the outer and inner material. A little akward, but not hard.

I hope you will all give some of these a try. There are so many free tutorials out there for so many wonderful things. I appreciate all the hard work that went into writing all of them!


Carrie P. said...

That moth is very cool. Isn't it great that bloggers share their talents with others?

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Some moths are really pretty. Others Ewwww...

Dena said...

OK. Your moth is rather nice looking. How come mine don't look that way?

Unknown said...

Your stitching is so beautiful but I really love that moth .