Monday, March 22, 2010

My Needlework Hero…

is Susan Elliot over at Plays With Needles! Just look at some of her work:

The “Giving Purse” she made for a charity auction

June’s bead journal page “My Symphony

November (2008) bead journal page “Abundance

My Needle’s Garden

August bead journal page “A Daughter’s Valentine

As you can see, she employs many different media to create her artwork. Susan’s attention to detail and color placement is exquisite. The words she uses to describe how the piece came together and what it means to her are insightful and motivating. Susan takes you on a creative journey, from trying to make different types of leaves, to beading, to new techniques and everything in between.

If you have never visited her blog before, you should. You will get lost in her family, her art and her heartfelt genuineness. I know you will love her as much as I do!


Susan Elliott said... is quite an honor to be considered a hero of any sort...but I love the idea of a needlework one the most! Move over Wonder Woman! I am over-the-moon delighted to hear that you are inspired by my work. And it's really fun for me to see what pieces have touched you and why. And thank YOU for all the supportive and faithful comments you leave for me. They really are a gift.

I hope you have many many happy hours of discovery with your needle and thread. xoxo Susan

Allie said...

Wow. That's astonishing - so beautiful! I'm off to check her out, thanks for the link!

My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG That purse with the tree is fantastic !!! All of it is gorgeous I can see why you are inspired The Sailors Valentine is alos amazing . I gotta go check her out ! Thanks for sharing : )

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I love her work and reading her blog. I love her posts that start with her inspiration. Suck amazing work! We could all aspire to that!

wot said...

Those are breathtaking, thanks for sharing!
I have tagged you for an award on my blog, please see

so many memories said...

Wow, what a talented lady and inspiration to us all! Her work is fascinating! I'm off to read her blog...thanks!!!!

Dena said...

I was not familiar with Susan's blog until I read your post. She does beautiful work. I'm certain to continue following her work now. Thank you for sharing her work.

Laurie said...

Yeah, she'd be my needlework hero, too! Wow! I think I'm going to start reading her.

On another note, I wanted to say I'm so sorry about your husband losing his job. I know how it is. Mine was out of work for longer than I care to tell you in the newness of your situation. Take heart. Let us know how he's doing.

Micki said...

That's incredible eye candy! Her work is really astonishing.

urban craft said...

wow, nice find. I do love her! And that purse, WANT!