Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fusion Blanket Crochet-a-long…

So a while back I saw this picture and fell in love:Sewing Daisies: Kaffe Fusion Blanket

It’s Heidi’s from http://www.sewingdaisies.com.au. She calls it her Kaffe fusion blanket. It combines two things I love, sewing and crocheting!

Then, since I’m always looking at things I want to make, and never getting back to them, I forgot about it. Until…I found this post at Little Miss Shabby’s blog. Well, now I’m hooked! (haha!)

I won a giveaway over a year ago that included a charm pack and some scraps from April Cornell’s Nature’s Chorus line. I was already in love with this line and had a little bit of it myself.

I put it away to save for when I found the perfect project. Well, guess what…now I have! I will turn this into a fusion blanket!

Why not join in the fun? Heidi made a button for the sidebar and a flicker pool. Come on…you know you want to!!!