Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And The Countdown Begins…

Can you believe it is December 1st already!  Where has the year gone?  It has literally flown by on gossamer wings.  So much has stayed the same for us, yet so much has changed. 

My #1 Son went away to start his junior year in college (though he’s home every weekend to do laundry!)– unbelievable that I have a child that old…I am certainly not old enough!

My #2 Son graduated from high school and started college. A new journey for him, though it is a somewhat familiar path as he is living at home and commuting.

My #3 Son started his sophomore year in high school, joined jazz band playing his saxophone and started drumming lessons – something that from all accounts he is quite talented with.

My baby, my little girl, managed to find a way over the summer break to grow up just a little too much for my tastes!  She is now very fashion conscious and a little diva in her own right.  Still as sweet as can be, but not quite the “little girl” she was a year ago.

We added a puppy to our gaggle of people and animals living here.  He’s half Shiz-Tzu and half Dashund. He’s so ugly he’s cute!  I love him, he’s such a little cuddle bug!

xmas duh-budWe got our tree all decorated this past Sunday night.  It went fairly smoothly…as smoothly as can be expected with six people working on it! You can see in the picture that Hubby took, it gets a bit congested around the tree!

12-1-2009 010I put the tree in a different spot this year, I have been hungry for change.  It didn’t happen without a little grumbling from the kidlets, they don’t like it when I change things.  But I am pleased with how it turned out…a little the same…a little different.

Now comes the frenzy of figuring out all the Christmas presents.  Who gets what?  Do I have time to make the things I planned for myself as well as other?  Is it possible to make zero calorie Christmas cookies?  (the last one is really the most important one of all!!!)

From my family to yours Happy December…Happy First Day of Advent!

family christmas 2009


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Beautiful Family! Happy Holidays!!

retdairyqueen said...

Neither you nor your hubby look old enough to have such a grown up family
I certainly can,t believe I have a 16 year old granson
Seems only yesterday..........
Mmm well thats life

Sarah - Kala said...

Same to you!

I think retdiaryqueen is right: you two look fab and too young to have older kids!

Allie said...

Hey where did you get those kids? They're too grown-up to be yours! How is it that the kids get older and we don't....
You are SO busy - enjoy the Christmas season, I can't believe it's here - you have a beautiful family!

Carrie P. said...

What a great family photo. Isn't funny how the kids don't like it when we change things up especially around the holidays?

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Thanks for the ideas and for the pic of the family. You are a great looking bunch!