Monday, February 1, 2010

Illene’s Quilt…

Lyn over at “Welcome to Bluebird Quilts” has come up with a wonderful idea! A friend of hers, and a bloggy friend of mine, has been going through a rough time of it lately.  Her daughter has cancer and has been very ill at every turn.  Every time that something looks promising, something else comes up.  Needless to say, Illene could really use a hug from all her friends.  The blogging world being what it is, we have all developed friendships with others all over the world so, a friendly hug is not necessarily logistically possible.  This is where Lyn’s idea comes in.  She is making her a quilt.  What does that have to do with you and me???  Well, you can contribute to the making of the quilt and send Illene your own hug!  Check out all the details on Lyn’s blog!

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