Monday, September 20, 2010

I Did A Little Shopping Today…

Due to the circumstances in which my family and I have found ourselves, it has become necessary for me to be much more frugal than I had been. I recently found a blog called Money Saving Mom that helps you know the best deals to get out of Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS drug stores. Now, I don’t have a CVS nearby, but I do have a Rite Aid and they just opened a Walgreens in my town too!

I did my research, clipped my coupons and away I went this morning with my list clutched in my eager little hand. There were a couple things not in stock, and I made a mistake picking up the wrong thing in one instance, but over all I’m pretty happy with my haul of goodies! Here’s what I got:


Three packages of diapers (my Niece is expecting twins), two deodorants, two tubes of toothpaste, three boxes of kleenex (the big ones), three cans of soup, a mouthwash and a heat pack. Paying full price all these items would have cost me $60.02. My end price for all these goodies? $18.09!!! Pretty darn good, huh! Just one bag of the diapers at regular price is $12.99! Mind you, this price is after coupons (store and manufacturer), sale prices and rewards, but it’s still awesome!!!

Speaking of my Niece, who will be receiving the diapers as part of her shower gift, I picked up some material at Jo-Ann's today to make receiving blankets and burp cloths with. She will be having a boy and a girl so I thought this material was absolutely perfect!


Won’t they be darling! I’ll be sure to post a picture when I get them done. If you are interested in a couple of links to make something like I am, here is one for receiving blankets (I make mine similar to the first one, but I tie them with yarn) and here is one I have made and absolutely love for burp rags.



Cindy Is Crafty said...

Woohoo, that is quite the bargain shopping! I remember when I was unemployed I made lots of soups and used a lot of beans instead of meats in them. Good thing I love alone! Whew, some nights it was brutal!

Annette said...

Awesome savings!!! I should get back to using coupons like I did for many years when we were a young family.

That fabric is adorable and perfect for twins!