Sunday, December 26, 2010


Being the fashion diva that I am, I just love designer clothes…you know, to wear to the grocery store or to drop my Daughter off at dance. Nothing like a special hair-do or designer jewelry to perk up picking my Son up from marching band!

Seriously though, I have never been a huge fan of the whole “fashion collections” hullabaloo. I did just stumble across something that I am finding, though absolutely not practical for me, is none the less fascinating and lovely.

While blog hopping I ran across this:

“This” is the “Chanel pre-fall 2011 Byzance Collection.”

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

If only this was a “V” neck:Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Here’s a lovely “classic black” dress:Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

chanel pre-fall collection

Now just because I can’t see myself wearing the lovely Greek looking clothes or jewelry doesn’t mean that it is all too fancy for my daily life. Take a closer look at those GORGEOUS shoes!!! I can definitely see myself wearing those with summer clothes! In fact, I MUST have shoes like that! I LOVE them!!! Of course I won’t be buying these as they range from $130 to $300, but I do like these styles:

Paul Green 'Estavan' SandalStuart Weitzman 'Donuts' SandalJeffrey Campbell 'Emma' Sandal

These were the most reasonably priced ones I found at a mere $80:

Seychelles 'Araxi' Sandal

I’m sure, though, this spring and summer there will be plenty of knock offs in the stores. Can’t wait to see them!


Allie said...

You would definitely get some second looks wearing that to the grocery store, lol - but yes, I too love the shoes! And yes, there will be knock-offs. I think it would be fun to design outrageous clothes, don't you?

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I could so see you sporting the crown in the car pool pick up lane at school! :O)

Micki said...

They are very elegant indeed. I don't know if they are for me, but really pretty!
Happy New Year!