Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Guess It’ll Be A Good Day…

after  all.

I woke up with a headache this morning. I seem to be getting more and more of them since I’m getting older.  I was thinking to myself “great, another wonderful start to another wonderful day.” I noticed the sun was shining through a crack in my room darkening curtains, so decided to open them a little. Nothing kills germs better than sunshine and after being closed up all winter, I’m sure my bedroom could use a lot of sunshine.

As I was opening the curtains, I was thinking about the fact that after twelve years of living here, on four acres, in the middle of the woods, that I have rarely seen deer.  Seriously, only a handful of time over the twelve years.  IMG_4817

Scanning the still mostly barren woods around my house, the unbelievable happened! I noticed the sun shining off of a strangely shaped stump just inside my woods near an area where we have a fire pit that we never use. I squinted…hard…I can’t see very far without my stupid glasses.  It just so happens that I had a very dusty (I’m such a good home maker) pair of binoculars on the window shelf. After wiping the lenses off with my robe tie (I’m also extra careful with my things – ha!) I put them up to my face. Adjust…adjust…lo and behold! A deer. Laying down in my woods! I never would have seen her if the sun hadn’t been shining on her. I watched for a couple of minutes and then noticed movement to her left. OH. MY. GOD. Anther deer! This one was standing just to the right of the first eating.  She even stuck her tongue out at me! (Yes, I know she was only licking the tree next to her, but I choose to imagine she was sticking her tongue out at me!!!)

So anyways, after twelve years I finally got to see deer laying down in my yard. Even after I let the dogs out to do their business, they were still there. About an hour later, Hubby came home from running club and they didn’t even budge when the car came up the driveway. I’m so excited, we have our very own deer pets!!!



Allie said...

AWESOME! I live in the city, so rarely see them, although one did jump through the window a the Coney Island down the street - into the window, over the booth, and out the front door. A friend saw one walking down the sidewalk one day, cool as you please.

If you're getting headaches frequently, you might want to consider getting your eyes checked - when I need new glasses, I usually don't notice that I can't see as well, but I do notice the headaches.

Cindy Is Crafty said...


Patty said...

That is so cool! I didn't know you lived in the woods. I'm jealous. I have lizards in my yard. You win!

Carrie P. said...

Well it is really camouflaged. We have deer around our place all the time. Be glad you don't see many they are bad about eating certain plants. I have seen 2 babies which are so sweet.

Liz said...

Very cool. Animal camouflage is amazing, isn't it.