Monday, October 27, 2008

Anime Convention Costume

Here is one of the costumes I have been working on lately. This is my (sophomore in college) oldest Son. He is supposed to be a video game character. The character's name is Zelos and he is from a game called Tales of Symphonia. My Son will be spending next weekend at the Aime convention in this costume. This outfit is a collaboration between my Mom and me. It turned out pretty good I think. It is a work in progress. As my Son plans to wear this every year at the convention, we will tweak and add to it over time.

It seems strange to me that all the hero's in the games look so effeminant, but that is the way the designers want them to look. At least my Son gives it a masculine look, more like the character would actually look if he were real.

More costume posting to come soon...

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