Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolutions...take 'em or leave 'em

Usually I don't make new years resolutions. What's the point? I won't keep them. So every year, I resolve to not make a resolution...which in itself is making a resolution! This year I have decided to make a few. I'm not telling my family though, so that if I fail, they won't throw it back at me!

1. Patience - I am going to TRY to be more patient with my children...especiall the teenagers who can't help the fact that their hormones often cause them to have major brain farts!

2. Quilt - I want to make a quilt for my bed. I got some wonderful Moda fabric in the Portabello Market line for Christmas and I want to actually start, make and finish something for ME!

3. Weight - This is a tricky one. If I say I want to lose weight, I'll instantly gain 5-10 pounds. Instead I'll say I don't want to GAIN any weight. I will try to eat more responsibly to be more healthy and hopefully in the process I'll... no... don't say it...

4. Household - I really want to get my home more organized. And cleaner. It's not that it's dirty really, just a mess all the time. I mean the floors get swept/vaccumed, dishes done in a fairly timely manner, toilets scrubbed down (well, maybe not the boy's bathroom so much - should I really have to clean up a teen's pee just because they choose not to aim well??? So I make them do it!) and laundry done. The problem is we have too much "stuff." Not necessarily important/relevant/worthwhile stuff. So I want to clean it up! I've tried fly lady before. It's a great program, but I just can't handle all the about overwhelming!

So there you have it. I've broken my cardinal rule and actually made real resolutions this year. But I know that the few of you that read my blog won't hold it against me if I don't manage to follow through on all of them.

I'm really going to try this year. I really am. Really. Now, where did Baby Girl hide her candy bag...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment!

Good luck with your new resolve; it all sounds very wise!

Have a DIVINE 2009!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to have some goals for the new year even if they're not all accomplished. :-)