Friday, April 24, 2009

Moxy-clean and a Pillow...

So...a while back I wanted to find a laundry additive like oxyclean but at a cheaper price because...well...I'm cheap. I developed a brand new product! Yes folks, you can get the recipe right here! It's terribly complicated, so you better have your pencil ready to write down this LONG, DIFFICULT process!

So...ready??? Mix equal parts of these two (yes, I said two) ingredients:

Use about two tablespoons per stinky load of laundry. Thats it. Seriously. This stuff works just as good, if not better than Oxyclean! I mean this stuff really, really works! It gets Spartan and Runners stinky, sweaty running clothes fresh as a daisy! Come to find out, my Grandmother used to use the two products I use for the "stinky" stuff. Isn't it amazing how when we get older, all the things our "elders" did and said suddenly make sense!! If you are interested, I can dig out my homemade liquid laundry soap recipe. Just let me know. It's phosphate free...better for the environment.

Now Baby Girl's pillow:

I really loved doing the hand quilting on this. I think I will do more small projects that I can hand quilt. I almost hated to make this into a pillow because I thought the quilting on the back looked so cool. Even Spartan commented on how neat it looked...that's saying something!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some words of wisdom from my favorite Doctor in the whole world. This woman is seriously awesome! Like, if circumstances were different, we would be friends instead of Doctor/Patient. Drink more water. Move more, whether that means exercising or taking a walk around your house, just move. Take fish oil, it's a mood elevator and hormone regulator (if you are on medication, check with YOUR Doctor first). Get enough uninterrupted sleep at night.

That's all folks...Have a good weekend!


Patty said...

I love the pillow! Some day I'm going to ask you to explain hand quilting to me. And, hey, that's my detergent!

Olga said...

Hi Loralynn,
Your butterfly pillow is just stunning! I love the colors of the fabric, they compliment each other so nicely.
Have a great week!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a sweet cushion!! I agree, it's wonderful to do hand-quilting. :-)
Thanks for entering my Shabby Roses BOM giveaway.