Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Writing Exercise

I have decided to add a new weekly challenge for myself here on my blog. My s-i-l stopped by my blog and loved it! I feel so blessed to have a wonderful friend in her and she requested (since she enjoyed it) that I do more writing here. When I was growing up I was sure I was going to write. I wrote poems and short stories...all the time. As often happens, life got in the way and my writing went by the wayside. So, long story short, I am going to do a weekly writing exercise here to try and brush up my skills (or lack there of, you be the judge!) Mostly it will be about my memories or my children or my daily life (which I truely believe to be interesting to no one but me). So sit back, put your feet up and get ready to be thrilled (bored).

My earliest Easter memory is of when I was about four years old. I remember laying in my Mother's bed, all warm and comfy. I loved sleeping with my Mother, she was my everything! It was just the two of us against the world! I can remember how warm she was as I was all cuddled up to her back... and then the thought that it was Easter morning popped into my head! Open came the eyes, off came the sheets and I was ready to bound out of bed. I scooted to the edge of the bed and just before I was about to jump out I looked down and saw the most gorgeous pair of black patten leather shoes...with an egg in them!!! I was more excited about the shoes than the egg, we didn't have a lot of money and these were beautiful shoes. I plopped down on the floor next to the shoes, pulled the egg out and stuffed my bare feet into them. "Oh," I thought, "just like a princess would wear!" I proceeded to hunt for my eggs in my new shoes and nightgown!

After finding the eggs and eating a quick breakfast we dressed in our pretties for church. Bundled into the car and off to Grandma and Grampa's house. I bounced up and down, back and forth in the back seat. Scrambling from one side to the other (we didn't wear seatbelts back then) looking out the windows singing over and over the words: "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go..." Just those words, over and over and over! I must have driven my Mother crazy!

I watched the city buildings give way to mostly housing. Then we turned onto THE road. Sugarbush Road. Down the winding road we went. The elementary school my mother went to came into view as I looked out the passenger window, Green School, it was even painted green! Bop, bounce I went, over to the driver's side window so I could see the HUGE barn that was part of the Sugarbush ranch. Bop, bounce back to the passenger side to see the river and Grandma's house! Into the driveway we pulled, Mom barely putting it in park before I was jumping out. I can still hear the sound of the cinderstones under my new shoes as I walked across their driveway. Up the steps and in the front door. There's Grandma sitting at the dinette table, drinking coffee.

"Hi, sweetheart! Happy Easter! I have something for you."

It wasn't just something, it was SOMETHING! It was the most gorgeous ever (faux) fur white coat. Oh, it felt so good! The best part, it had a matching muff with it. Now I really was just like a princess! I know it sounds strange to get a fur coat for Easter, but it was quite big on me so that I would be able to wear it the next winter (and as I recall the winter after that too!)

My next memory of that day is after church services were over. Standing in the line to say good morning to the Minister. I had a wonderful secret. I had snitched a bunch of the pretty foil wrapped chocolate eggs from my basket at Grandma's and stuffed my pockets full. I had been eating them all morning! It's amazing that I didn't get any chocolate on my beautiful coat!

This is the most vivid memory I have of Easter as a child. I don't remember the dinner or what I did most of the day. But these things stuck out to me the most. It's funny what gets stuck in your head. Most of my memories are just snippets out of time, but this one is a lovely story that plays out in my memories every year at this time.

Here's hoping that you have a wonderful childhood memory of Easter as well!


A lil info: said...

Yes! Beautiful story! I'll await with great anticipation for next weeks "excercise". I thoroughly enjoy how you write. Joy. Humor. Vivid. Warmth. Good.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

What a magical Easter. How cute that you got all of the items a Princess requires!

Ginger said...

What wonderful Easter,Enjoyed the story so much!
Love it when you share the give aways too.
You never know might win the prize thank you again for having so much goodies on your blog love it!