Friday, November 13, 2009


I don't have any crafty finishes to share right now, so I thought I would share the conversation I had with Boy Genius at 6:00 this morning in the car on the way to drop him off for jazz band.

*cough* *cough*

"You okay?" I ask him
"Yeah." he says
"Left over from when you were sick last week?"

*couple minute pause*

"I just worry." I say.

*couple minute pause*

"It was in the contract." I say matter of factly.

*couple minute pause*

"Huh?" he says with confusion in his voice.
"It was in the contract." I repeat.
"What contract?"
"The one I signed when I decided to have children." I respond as if it should be obvious what I am talking about.
"Ohh-kayyy..." he replies.
"Seriously. It was the #1 rule on the contract. #1 says I must worry about my kids." I respond as if he should know exactly what said contract says. "#2 says that I should embarrass my children in front of their friends or while they are on the phone." This is said conversationally, as if I am repeating the weather report. "#3 was that I should hug and kiss my kids all the time. The best part is if you do it in front of their friends, I am fulfilling both #2 and #3 at the same time."
"Wouldn't you always be fulfilling #2 if you are doing #3?" he asks me.
"No." I respond. "Unless you do it in front of their friends it doesn't fulfill the requirement for #2. I can hug and kiss on you in private and it won't embarrass you at all." With this, I take my eyes off the road and smile sweetly at Boy Genius.
"Ahh." He says, nodding his head as if this explains a lot.
"The sad thing is," I say "when I am fulfilling #3 with Gamer, I am not fulfilling #2 with him. He doesn't care." I say with pride in my voice, "I can always count on hugs from Gamer in front of his friends!"
"You'd definitely be embarrassing Runner." BG replies.
"True," I say "but I think I am also fulfilling #2 when I hug him in private. You are somewhere in between."

*couple minute pause*

"There, now you know about the secret contract I signed." I throw out
"Yup." He replies

He smiles.

I smile.

*more silence as I drive the rest of the way to the school*

I hug him as he gets out of the car, in full view of the other zero hour jazz band members at the school. "Have a good day!" I tell him as he swings the car door shut.

He smiles.

God I love that kid!


retdairyqueen said...

Lovely Mother you are Doing well

Melanie said...

Neat story. Glad you wrote it down to remember....

Sarah - Kala said...

I like this story.

My oldest boy will hug me and kiss my cheek in public, no question - he often initiates it. He believes that saying of ours, "how a boy treats his momma is how he'll treat his wife". Needless to say, my husband loves/reveres his mom. ;)

Allie said...

LOL - gotta love it! My boys still come in and kiss me goodnight, but won't hug me in front of friends. Sigh.

Jocelyn said...

What a way cool conversation! You go girl :-)

Liz said...

You're one lucky mother. My son still hugs and kisses me in front of his friends, but he's five...

Carrie P. said...

Such a conversation. I like the contract. I wish I would have thought of it when my kids were younger. You sound like a very wise mom.

Dena said...

When my oldest son was about nine he asked me how I always knew everything that went on and I responded, "I'm mom. It's my job to know." He honestly thought I knew everything he and his siblings did until he was almost an adult. LOL

Di said...

Your character is summed up in that story, L. You find a way to live in, at least, the cracks of your growing children. Even thought they may appear to not want to be "seen" with their Mama, they deeply want to feel you...and so you are there. You make sure they know that you are always thinking about them and loving matter what. Ahhh, you're like a warm blanket to them.