Monday, September 27, 2010

Have A Drink On Me…

I’m not quite sure how it happened. I swear I’m not old enough…really! If you have your own, no matter what you do…don’t blink or you’ll miss the trip! It’s official…my “baby” is 21! They sure grow up fast, don’t they!

9-26-2010 007

He’s also HUGE! He’d make a great Viking with all that red hair and the fact that he’s built like a football player! Genetics not withstanding, he IS part Norwegian, he has a softer, funnier side:

9-26-2010 009

He was indulging his little sister!

In the spirit of his 21st birthday I thought I’d share a Strawberry Margarita Shooter from Bakers Royale that I found via Craft Gossip. Doesn’t it look yummy?

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shooters


Cindy Is Crafty said...

21, oh the stories I could tell! Happy birthday to your baby boy!

Allie said...

Wow - happy birthday to your young man! I don't dare let my son see his pic, we just cut off his long hair on Friday. LOL. Since he's swimming every day now, it's just easier.
That Shooter looks so yummy!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Happy Birthday to your son !!! Those little strawberries look amazing I am going to check them out.