Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

To tell you about something awesome! Have you ever been over to Meyer Imports? They have the most gorgeous German glass glitter as well as some other lovelies. Their glass glitter is so vibrant! They also have this really cool product line called “Earth Flakes. The Earth Flakes are little bits of cork, pebbles, grasses and wood shavings you can use to embellish your little bits! I can see where these would come in handy if you were a miniature enthusiast.

Big red gnome test pic

Well, Meyer Imports is running a special deal this month! Any order placed during the month of November get’s these little cuties included, for free, with their order! How awesome is that? The people over at Meyer Imports decided to take it one step further! Anyone who blogs about their offer and shoots them off an email with the link to the post provided gets to have these little darlings for free!!!

Well, I love free…and my Mama didn’t raise no dummy! Go on over and check these guys out! You will be amazed by their products and I have read on more than one blog, from people who have ordered from them, that they are efficient and really nice people too!

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Allie said...

Yay you posted it - good for you! Did you see the vintage silk panels they have? OH MY GOSH they're gorgeous!!!!!