Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Ghastlie Sisters…

…have you been visiting them???

Our Ghastlie blog hop has begun! Today is day two for the festivities! Tomorrow is my day so be sure to hop on in and see my lovely…er… ghastllie offerings!

Here are my sisters showing their goodies today:

Mrs. Annie Ghastlie

Mrs Doris Ghastlie

Mrs Brandie Ghastlie

Ms. Alidiza Ghastlie

Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

Did I mention there are prizes???



Quiltin Jenny said...

Love the dress purse and would love a tutorial about how to use those beautiful handles! I've long admired them but am not sure exactly how they work.

Britt-Inger said...

I love your dress purse. It´s so awesome

Jackie said...

Cute purse! Fabric is awesome!

Ramona said...

I LOVE the antique lace. Gorgeous and that pink rose - Brilliant idea for those very Victorian Ladies!

Julie Fukuda said...

This is a lot of fun seeing what different people do with a bit of the same fabric. Aren't quilters a crafty bunch!