Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zip, Zilch, Zero...

...crafting going on in my house. I thought with my computer being sick I would have more crafting time (not that I have a problem walking away from the computer or anything...). But here is a synopsis of my last two days:


8:45 - get Daughter on bus for school.
8:55 - drink chocolate coffee mixture while checking email and random blog sites.
9:30 - run a load of laundry, fold a load (Di, aren't you proud of me!!), put it away. Do random housekeeping. Do a little pile elimination (I'm a terrible "piler" of papers).
11:40 - leave to take #2 Son to college class (he needs rides for the next couple weeks).
12:00 - return home, clean house, sweeping, vaccuming, straightening. Wash dishes, by hand, with water I boiled on the stove top as our water heater is acting up and had to be shut off.
1:38 - leave to pick up #2 Son from class
2:15 - return home
2:30 - Brother-In-Law arrives to look at hot water heater
2:55 - leave to pick up #3 Son from marching band practice
3:15 - arrive home. Run some laundry (always with the laundry, guess that's what I get for having four children!!!)
3:45 - Start dinner.
4:35 - get Daughter from bus. Rush her to get ready for dance. Search frantically for dance bag that contains ALL dance shoes. Have fit. Trash Daughter's room. Find bag after looking in the same spot 4 times.
5:15 - do Daughter's hair (It has to be put in a ponytail. Woven into two braids and wound into a bun) in the worst way I have ever done it. Grab a bowl of food for her to eat in the car on the way to dance.
5:40 - arrive at dance 10 minutes late. Have teacher comment on how frazzled I look. Smile, tell her it's been a long day. Watch Daugher dance through two way mirror. Read new book. Watch. Read. Rinse and repeat.
8:05 - leave dance studio to go home
9:00 - tuck Daughter in. Collapse in exhaustion. Stare mindlessly at tv.

8:45 - get Daughter on bus for school
9:00 - leave to take #2 Son to get books for college.
9:30 - arrive at college campus, drive around for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. Give up, park in nearby subdivision, hoof it to bookstore. Realize that if we stand in line for books, he'll be late for class. Go back to car. Drive back to town.
10:50 - stop at Starbucks, get large shaken ice tea and a frappuccino.
10:55 - drop #2 Son off for 11:00 class
11:10 - go to Joann Fabrics to waste time since it doesn't make sense to go back home before I have to pick #2 Son up from class.
11:40 - arrive back at satelite campus. Park and read until class is done.
12:25 - pick #2 Son up from class.
12:35 - pick Daughter up from school for Doctor's appointment at 12:45. She has a sinus infection.
1:47 - return Daughter to school to finish the day.
2:05 - arrive home.
2:55 - leave to pick up #3 Son from marching band practice. Go to Walmart to pick up prescription for Daughter. Go to one bank, make withdrawl. Go to different bank make deposit.
4:13 - arrive home
4:35 - get Daughter from bus. Start dinner. Quiz Daughter on schoolwork.
5:15 - eat dinner while fixing Daughter's hair for dance.
5:33 - leave for dance class.
5:57 - arrive at dance class (see yesterday's rinse and repeat).
8:10 - dance class is done...go home.
9:00 - tuck Daughter in.

Whew!! Make a blog post and...go to bed...

All I can say about tomorrow is THANK GOD there is no dance... oh, and #2 Son? He can ride the public bus home...I'm going shopping for a dress to wear to my favorite friend's wedding. I think I deserve it!!! Of course, I still have to be home to pick #3 Son up from marching band...


Di said...

OMG! IF you found a job, when would you have time to go to it?! Talk about a busy schedule. But...tell me if I'm right...if someone asks you, "what did you do all day?" and you didn't write it down in a blog, would you be able to list all these tasks by memory? Screw the laundry! (and...yes...I'm very proud of you)
Love you, L

Dena said...

Many people don't realize the amount of time it takes to raise a family and maintain a household. This is more than a full-time job. It's like working a double shift. Kudos to you!

Carrie P. said...

Well, Loralynn you have the life of a mother and wife. A mother's life never stops but one day your children will be on there own and you will wonder where the time went. Try not to stress and take things as they come. Enjoy your friend's wedding.

Micki said...

You are too busy of a lady. No wonder you are feeling a bit of stress!
You are amazing at what you get done!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Oh goodness, that is busy.

urban craft said...

I am all about that anti-stress head bang kit. Maybe then I could finally get some real sleep. Hilarious!