Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ode to Binding

Oh dearest binding...

You who hold everything together...

You who finishes...

You who completes our projects.

Why is it I hate you so?

Could it be how you ALWAYS jump out of the way when I am going around a curve?

Could it be how you NEVER line up properly at a corner?

Could it be how you INSIST on sliding on the bottom so that my seam runs off?

Could it be how you DEMAND that I use my seam ripper on you?

I could decide never to see you again.

I could decide to leave my projects unfinished.

I could decide to give up sewing so I could avoid you altogether.

Istead, I'll just get out my needle and thread and hand stitch you into submission!

For, after all, many of the best relationships are based on the whole love/hate thing!

Back to work...


Coleen said...

It seems like none of us like the binding part, but it's such a joy when it's a completely finished project.

Patty said...

Binding has always scared me a little. Not that I have ever done anything with it but just the thought keeps me away.

Ulla said...

Oh what deep thoughts about binding! I hope your relationship can grow in teh direction of love.