Thursday, December 18, 2008

7...Birthday Plans

Days to go...

I am working on birthday plans right now. Both for Baby Girl who will be 8 and myself who will be... forty... something... mumble... mumble... thought I was going to tell you didn't you! My birthday is the 23rd and hers is on the 29th. She's easy! We will be having a Royal Tea Party for her celebration! The girls will drink from china tea cups, ice their own mini muffins, have finger sandwiches, play games and do a craft. I stumbled across this one today and thought that it would be perfect for the girls.

(click to go to site)

I'll cut out all the flowers ahead of time and have a small bowl at each place setting for each individual girl. We are going to have a "guess how much candy" is in the jar contest, pin the kiss on the frog and musical glass slipper (think musical chairs only passing a shoe around instead) I think all that should be enough to keep them busy for a couple of hours... although I am open to suggestions from those who have done something like this before.

I'm a little harder. I don't even know what kind of cake I want. I don't know where I want to go to eat (hubby always takes me out) or what I want to do for entertainment. I'm like a vast desert wasteland when it comes to ideas for myself. I haven't been much help in the gift department either. I don't know what I want. I suspect that the problem is that I just don't want Spartan to spend a lot of money on me. We just don't have a lot this's been a tough year. Spartan always goes overboard on me. If I tell him I want a music CD, he's likely to buy me that AND a new CD player to play it in. I know it's because he loves me, but I'm worried about it this year.

Do you have any clever ideas for me? Inquiring minds want to know!


Roxane said...

I love the tea party idea...I wish my daughter was still into that "girlie" stuff. At 11 she thinks she is WAY too cool for it!

Patty said...

I am really behind with my blog reading (thanks to Facebook). At least I knew your birthday was coming up (thanks to Facebook). I just wanted to say I love all your ideas for your daughter birthday. I hope you'll post about both of your birthdays.