Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15...My Sewing Tutorial Roundup

Days to go...

Here are a bunch of the tutorials I have saved in my favorites. I really want to make these up! I have so many WIP's though, that if I don't start finishing some of those first, there won't be any more room in my house (read: places to stack each of my different projects that I am working on!). If I make one more pile, Spartan will leave me...of course that would allow for more places to put more works in progress...

Just click on the pictures to go to the site where the tutorial is posted!

Fabric basket

Covered measuring tape

Hair clips (these will be in Baby Girls stocking this year!)

Cutest little monkey

CD coasters (My parents will be getting a set of these!)

Travel Doll House (Baby Girl...need I say more?)

Sparkle mittens (next year...)

Checkbook cover


Christy said...

i'm eyeing that cd coaster and checkbook cover project. They're so cute!

Lori R said...

Hi Loralynn! I found you via Angela, saw your name and had to comment. My "real" name is Loralyn, but I go by Lori. I've never ever met another Loralyn(n)!!
I've got that monkey in my favorites too, even tho my youngest girl is already 18, and I've made already made 2 of those fabric baskets. Very cute, and pretty easy!

Patty said...

I love all of these projects. Thanks for linking them all in one place.